Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This evening, I was searching for ANYTHING in d fridge due to itchiness of my mouth!

And guess wat, I found this….

Beryl’s Almond Choc

Yah.. you might be wondering..


wat's so special / what to do with this choc so here?

Zoom in x100

(or do you need magnifying glass?)

Look down!!!

separate this :Beryl's =Be Ryl’s

so everyone out there,

EAT.LICK.TASTE Beryl's Choc and you can be Ryl's!!

tht's so A-B-C simple kan?

I ate few of Beryl's chocs jus now,

so I can be hers '!

so easy to get Cheryl kan? *Inside Joke*

pls laugh,people!!!

lame =.=

dee .ryl