Wednesday, July 30, 2008

- Sunway Lagoon -
with imissu'ians.

it was the day before lei back to Tassie!
pls let me complete my task b4 July ends - no more drafts !

i wanted to go lagoon for so damn long,
months ago, last mins ffk by elaine.
alright .
forget bt it.
and, one of our hold plans - Lagoon after so long had achieved!

Rm58 per entrance for wet + dry zone.expensive nyer


We combine our name. This is the contact person of our 'HoneyLove' Restaurant in the brochure of English assignment.
Apparently, we didnt take much photos in lagoon as none of us has underwater cam.
It doesnt matter k. As long as we had the enjoyment!

We planned to go Fi's hse for steamboat after tht.
Who knws, Lei's parents didnt allow her to go due to some reasons loh
Still fine. We accompanied her to pyr for her favorites cheesy wedges!
KFC's Cheesy wedges is toothsome! slurp .slurp.

We wanted to gv her surprise
Thus, dividing into jobs for evryone.
Cheryl.Soon.Lesley.Fiona.Khern were taking role as her companions to KFC.
while, udang and I were trying to displace her att just to buy a farewell-cake!
After we've gotten the cake,
we were looking around for lighter to light on the candles.
I dare myself on to ask one of d customers at pizzahut for the lighter.
I'm good in sensing. He is a smoker(ithink) and has lighter with him.
phew, cant imagine if i got the wrong person.

Farewell cake arh?
We were doubting : farewell cake needs to light up v candles one meh?
and if yes, how many candles wil take?

Kerlei is leaving the next day after tht.
And now, due to my outdated post,
she's already right at Tassie.lols

A geli fella said wanna taste the cake with chilli sauce dip on it.
Dont ever do this 'clever' job k, ppl!
Unless, you're a king/queen of Chilli like mua fren-Ri?! haha

Fiona was Syokking Sendiri.
Dunno what's she doing!
with her evil smile -.-

He was giving the look - Aku tak mau bergambar dgn mu.
Naive her was posing in front of d camera just like nobody's business.


I shall see u in 4 more months, if not mistaken!

Double 'L' - LeioLeieLesley
Asoon's future wife to be - Lesley

Si Muka Tembok.
She didnt feel like taking pic v you.
Cant you sense it>?

I left smth tht i shud pass to lei in Fi's car.
So Kh and I went to the parking lot.
We purposely passed by SecretRecipe to buy 2 slices of cake!
Reason: to hv LAte-Belated Birthday Celebration for Udang & Xiang.

Immoral ppl like they took pics when Kh and I weren't there
Too Bad.
McD - i'mlovingit. We are loving it.
Hunt for happiness? Get Happy Meal.!

Eww.. His lick on its was disgusted.

Wendy was back! Mygoodness, luckily i got in time to pass her the stuff. girlsssss

The incomplete snapshot of 'IMU'!

Hugs and Tears b4 she has gone home.
We went all d way to DesaParkCity-Kepong for steamboat.!
It was really yummy-licious. Thanks aunty!

Kachak.. (aiyo. i dunno how to spell out camera's capture sound)

I was helping to wash plates till Fiona gave me eye contact.
She was trying to signal me smth.
I was supposed to get out fr the kitchen and help the rests at the park.
Guess what,
I asked likxiang to displace Udang's attention as he was told tht we wanna celebrate udang's belated Bday.
Likewise to Udang.
So both of them were having wrong thoughts and trying to displace the another's attention

And, i berpura-pura scolded them as I said the rest were waited long at the park.
They made a move to the park.
Until, they saw these:
Wow, a love-shaped was lighten up.
Those candles conquered slices of cake fr SRecipe.

Lessoon. The 24/7 sticky couple.
So warm yet so sweet.

I said: It 's symbolizing more like LikXiang loves MingHui than the real mean we wanted to express.
Whocares k.As long as we are able to bring this cool thing out.

They agreed with the 'LX loves MH' phrase.
Cheryl and Kh.

Keep an eye on this pic.
This is really damn cool.
'Lovesss' are all around.

Here are the 2 belated bday boys.

'Say say say you love me' to cheryl

squat down to take pic.

Self-Timer is a skill needed to take this kinda Cun photo.

cheese / cis?

Appreciate friendship after the relationship!

A close relationship btw bro and sista

Fiona wasnt get ready yet.

erm. what to say bout this:
maybe the difference btw dead and alive person?! haha

I'd like to enlarge these pics!
Imissu rocks!

Smile . . .


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kerlei's 19th

Hey, blog -I’m back.

Let me to narrate every outings/ occasions happened in early July kay?

Went 1u with this lil gal- Eyun! We bought damn banyak stuffs. Happy

I’ve bought sort of cushion piece of A4 (Zebra stripe) as to sew a tiny pillow for miss Klei.
It was challenging to test back my knowledge and skill on KHB subject!
Worst part was those KHB assignments (etc: sewing, hammer-job, electronic circuit or just whatever ) , I'd hardly apply/use DIY term.

Yes, I really had bad knowledge on Kemahiran Hidup Bersepadu?!
I’m definitely not a good future hsewife?

Hesitancy could have strike ur mind: How am I gonna sew pillow for her?
I just cincai sew it by using common-sans.

Nah, below is proof for my handmade.
Damn wasted, I used 4 large pack of FACIAL COTTON.
But nvm, kerlei- for u, it’s just so worth!

Teehee. Done!! Cantik kan? Kannnn?
My 1st ever sewed pillow!
Erm, I think nope la. When I was in my childhood age, I did sew fashionable dresses for my Barbie dolls. Partnership with cousins and sista.

Besides that, I had a bday card for her too. It was really my own work k!

I used ‘Dior’ leaflet as the card’s hard cover.

I printed out few photos of us to be pasted on the birthday card.

She is Miss Sekabut while I’m Miss meow-meow.

Happy 19th birthday with a ‘muacx’ dazzle-lip cut from Cleo!
I’m so creative !
All of them said this is the Nicest ever card made by me! True meh?

Zoom-in! Shine-on , shine-on !
which means Friendship that shines all the time! lotsa loves

We had brain-twisted for choosing the venue of her bday celebration.
Needa consider many aspects, u know?
such as location and time to fulfill everyone.
i wasnt the main planner for this outing.
i was d semi-planner as i came out v the idea to go this place!
yea, Naili's!
got tis particular idea from my cousin and then google search for the map to get there!
NAILI"S place @ sentul

Fiona & Cheryl came my house for card-making and changing.
Cheryl & I succeed to persuade Fiona to wear on my spaghetti-strap-top!
guess fiona's brain is haunted and she fears to come my hse agen.
cause we like to force her wear this wear tht.
nvmlah, together-gather lah!!
btw to cheryl and nana, -pls stop saying my wardrobe is only stayed-in by Baby-sized shirts k.
Tht's so not true.
as usual, Fiona drove us to the destiny!
We got there by just relying on printed map!
not bad lo!

Once we've reached, we were like : har, a bit ulu lo this place!
who knws, never get into. we wont knw lo!
Our expectation was too high,It wasnt tht nice/pretty shown on9.
but still, ReaLLy NOT BAD with the lighting effects!
I ordered Naili's Nasi Goreng!

'We were sitting high up on the tree'! hahas
We tak sabar sabar to snap photos before ordering F&B!
After giving out pressies and cards to kerlei,
then we started to camwhore.
cant help it, we're all addicted to cameras!
ohya, udang gave her bday card.
it was quite nice la. Udang's masterpiece.
We looked back part of the card which was written : by Mh, Soon, Jaric
then, us girls were asking 'uhu, sure not soon and jaric did contribute to make this card?'

Jaric aka teow and I with the zebra skin pillow!!
An extremely comfy and warm pillow by w3ndee.
Lei loves it sosomuch and brings it along to Tassie.
yay ;)

Bday gal and I.
She is 19 already, finally!
I hope my turn wont be coming up tht soon!
can anyone pls stop time lapping for me!
Kh and I. His camera effect quite cun.!
i;m gonna in love with his digi.cam!
nope lah. actually i;m deeply in love with all camerasssss.!
but not as serious as cheryl's love-cam-disease! XD
Udang's turn to take pic with KH.
got no idea why the imissuguys love to wear so called 'Imu-printed polo.tee!
it aint bad thing, uh
Udang said he loves to capture photos more than appearing himself in the photo!hee..
wow, i'm not short in memory.

Weewhit, 'We belong 2gether' !

Pls dont hate me for appearing in most of all d photos.
w3ndee * kerlei

Do you notice who's missing!
aiyo, tht Asoon lo, He went redang on tht day.
kononnya, kawan! to lei: jus angry at him k, i'll support u to the fullest!
and nottoforget, xiang aka focus oso!
he was busy around with tests and prom nite!
This is the place we went!
Wasted my phone credits only for reservation made!
darn, so many tabless and seats.
In our lives, however, we shouldnt take thing for granted rite, play safe'd be better!
She and another she.

Now, she's opening our pressie!!!
hope ya love it.
crazy me, sure love it lah.
i chose tht, trust on my good taste.
No worries!

Mh said his hand is long enuf to hold 2 gals in once!
laugh pls!

Change to the another 2 gals!
it looked like 2 couples.
double-dates uhuh?

Yay, me and ba Nana!
I forced her to gv a Huge Smile!

What is this.
Decoration item in Naili's bah!

After Naili's, we carried on our plan to gv her surprise!!!
We wanted to bring her to Titiwangsa for Eye-on-Msia!
the 1st time we went there, hell long queue until we couldnt get a ride on it!
We had set to go together for d next time!
ya, exactly-This can be said as our *Next Time*
But who knws, we got lost in getting way fr Naili's to Titiwangsa .
MISTAKE,We shud turn left instead of turning right at the traffic light stop.
so ppl, JUST Hold ur First Instinct tightly yah,
First Instinct most probably giving the right clue!
back to topic.
We got lost. so We failed our plan!!!
The failure of plan had set all of us quite down.
And, We parked cars quite faraway fr where the Ferries-wheel is located!
We gotta walk few miles fr our parking spot.Tht was stil ok!
guess what, We hadto pass by those dark alleys with those stray and giant-sized dogs which are barking non-stop and madly!
tht was scary!!!
I was real afraid!
Luckily no nightmare for tht!
We reached the destiny around 1030(+/- mins)
and know what,
due to the laziness of those employees,
they told us : Maaf, sudah tutup!
harlo, what we saw on the adv was stated tht ur co. operation time is until 11pm on tht day!
Sial Betul!
We were damn pissed off.
nevertheless, we still wont let our bday girl feel down!
we sat on the floor to continue our bday cake-cutting session.
knw what,Becos of getting lost in kl routes,
we couldnt get to buy any cakes.
so we stopped by at petrol station b4 tht and got these:
Substitution of real cakes and candles!(not bad oso la, it's better than nothing k)

They laughed at me by using this method to cut the 'cake'
I cut it, and we share-share finished it!

Kerlei's 19th bday cake and candle!
Dont file it under pathetic list k!
View it as special, creative with a Chupa-Chup lollipop to take-over candle's role!
I guess no one has this type of bday cake with candle tht u can lick-on before!
Be proud pls, kerlei!
you might be the first in Msia / even on eart
h to have it!
This is so unforgettable and memorable 19th with all of us!
We miss u.