Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I will definitely miss this lil girl - Cherrie

To have a good friend like you is one of the highest delights in mua life.
Do remember : Once 'i-yen', Forever I-yen

Promise me, take good care of yaself k!
all the best in Russia

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Don't Read. :-(

1.Don't predict any. It might not go as smooth as what you thought.
2.Don't get too happy abt smth if not yet get to knw the results
3.Just do not take things for granted.

I've gotten my Biosc results,
A vry special exceptional term given to students for this Sub.
If u able to score above 60% in class test,
you will be Exempted for End Of Semester (EOS)
I supposed I will be exempted.
right because after the class test, there was a feedback session held.
We can know how many quests are wrong.
I copied my answer on d table just for the feedback session.
Because I know I'm a kinda deaf person when comes to the session.
I might hear wrongly. I don;t want this to happen.
Becos I really wanna know whether I will be exempted or not.
Thus, I calculated and I got 16 wrong, more or less.
which means I will be exempted, yes I thought.
I checked my mail once result's been released.
It stated that I'm not exempted for this.
Reflex response of mine walked me to AAD
My mind kept cooling myself down by thinking it: It might be something wrong with it!!!!
I wont trust it if i never see the slip by my own sight
I was frustrated yet vry calm.
I called my tutor to meet up v him

Me : Sir, I'm not exempted for BioSc II. It won't be, because I vry clear in mind that the total i got wrong was like 16,more or less.
Tutor : What?!? really? I can't believe that also. Give me few mins. I'll get u the slip. No worries okay.
* He opened the slip, and changes I hope didnt appear!*
Tutor : your practical marks quite high, the prob is your class test marks. You got very low marks for it.
Me : What? Serious. HOW COME!
* I did the calculation in few secs, the marks shown with 25(s) wrong! WTH*
Me(calm tone) : Sir, it won't be. Really. will it be technical problem?
Tutor : Tell you the truth, it will be vry least chance for the computer to do the wrong calculation! But, I just think it might be oso, cos your previous academic performance record is good. (I can't believe he said tht to me)
hmm,... I will check for u again. maybe 2ml?
Me : 2ml? harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. Sir, can it be 2day and now if possible?
Tutor : (looked at his watch) ok den, i help you to check it right now.
( We walked to AAD together)
(We reached there. He entered the staffs' zone, and asked me to wait outside)
( There's an urge that kept directing me to walk inside oso! I just unable to do that -.-)
I waited him quite long, and saw him dealing with Miss.Sarina.
That time, I started to quit my mind for thinking it +ve.ly
I started to get ready for the bad news.
After like 10mins, he came out.
I showed him a vry down face. Still, I was calm.
Me : Yes? How was it. Nvm, I can accept tht tho.
Tutor : NO changes. I even helped you to check the ans sheet which is Private and Confidential.
Exactly you wrong 25. But, it was your mistake!
Me : Mistake? Sir, I can't accept that. How can 16 turn to be 25? How can it be. :(
Tutor : There's only 40 questions, but the total u circled on it was 41.
Me : What. Wat. wat. Sir, I didn't la. DId you see it wrongly? or maybe can I have a look on it?
Tutor : So sorry, students just cant. You double-circled one question answer on 2 questions! It leads to a row of wrong answers starting from that particular quest.
Me : har... did I? I cant believe that. No, it's a cruel fact.
Tutor : It's a lesson for you. Next time check the ans sheet thoroughly, make sure you circle the correct one with exact total of questions. Do double check, don't be so careless anymore!
Me : . . .. .. oh my goodness. . . .
Me ( my mind switched the mode vry fast) : Den, wat's the format of EOS paper?........
Tutor answered me what he knows only. He suggested me to meet the co-coordinator of BIOSC
Tutor counseled me, He said I can get higher marks for sure. He said take it positively, he has faith in me.
I felt better for a short while after that counseling session. Yes, Just for A SHORT while
I just cant stop thinking how careless I'm, I had done a vry unforgivable silly mistake!
I cant forgive myself
So since yesterday, I was deeply down.
all bad things appeared and stirred up in my mind.
It's killing.
I felt strength-less, mood-less, help-less, appetite-less, confident-less,
but NO INSOMNIA lah. haha
I will be alright very soon.
only Myself can be the most efficacious medicine to cure this, i tink.
Actually, I'm fine one. Just my brain is functioning too efficient until it will sudden pop-up nowhere anytime.

I cant UNDO the mistake, what i can do is accept the happened.
AND again, Don't give a confirmation towards UNSURE thing.

to my tutor, you're really nice to me. Thanks load.
to shiennee, thanks for dragging me out to take-in fresh air breathe
not forgetting, fiona.cheryl.whong. (I thin can skip '10s' this word, You will know why)