Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Hi everyone.
One day I was walking in the mall with a bunch of friends.
One of my friends walking at the back of me asked a random question.
The question : ' Wendy, if you have unlimited cash right now, what would you like to treat yourself?'
Well, I anyhow felt this question is so familiar. hmph. (how come huh!)
Then I got home,
As usual, sitting in front of the laptop, and of course blog hopping.
Now I know why,
It's NuffNang! It's NuffNang! Nuffnang in collaboration with Dell is giving away three Inspiron 13's to Nuffnangers who blog about 'my top 5 treat list'!
Wow, it's a delightful treat!
Now, I'm here blogging to answer my friend's question and at the same time I might stand a chance to win Dell Inspiron'13! Awesome!!! *winks*

Dear readers, I'd like to share with you : My top 5 treat list

Spot my cheeky smile?
I love to eat, you can easily get a smile from me by buying me foods! (yah, that simple)
Hint: Huge Smile if you bring me to any Korean Restaurants.

A trip to Korea!

oh man, my alltimes favourite!
the korean cuisine!
I've never been to Korea,
and let me have few secs imagining if I'm there now,
I will say out loud: ' Annyong Hashimnikka Korea!'
direct translate to english,which means Hello
*pullears and back to reality*


I'm a beach LOVER!
so, I'd like to treat myself....
a very relaxing holiday in Sipadan Island!

The crystal clear water, fantastic.
I will definitely grab opportunity to go for Scuba diving in Sipadan Island.
Then, a bonus for perfect jump shot by the beachside. How great, with my girls.
Sipadan, I can hear you calling me. :P
Yes! Sipadan would definitely be the great escapade from hectic life!

I'd like to treat myself a trip to SPAIN.
I always hear from others, 'How great it was to go skiing in Spain!'
I would like to experience it on my own!

Nah. See!
Ski Cap - Checked.
prepared and just cant wait to go skiing!


I was sitting in the car. As usual, day dreaming!
Volkswagen, I dream of you all-day-long!
Volkswagen is brilliant as a good treat.
I guess, every girls out there have their own dream car.
See, I accompanied my friend(cheryl) pose with her dreamcar.
Tadaa, This is my Dream car.
Cool, hot, stylist , isn't it?

Last but not least,

If I were asked 'Could you ever live without computer?'
My answer is NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
but I'd prefer a laptop instead of getting a desktop!
It's simple, laptop is much more convenient, for me!
Any brand in mind?
When I say 'Del', you say 'Go for it'. 'Dell, go for it' 'Dell, go for it' 'Dell, go for it!!!'
keep repeating!

Alright Dell, which model would you prefer?

I berkenan Dell Inspiron 13 la wei! *evilgrins*

Why Dell Inspiron 13? explaination needed!

Look the picture right above,
'Wide Vivid Display' - 13.3' inches, to be exact. The screen size is just nice for me!
Plus the 16:9 widescreen format, means I never have to squint or lean up close to use the Inspiron 13. Awesome-fawesome!
Tell you a little secret,
I'm a messy girl, I hardly arrange my things neatly.
Tht's why I always lost things easily.

Look, can you see the Webbie-cam?
To be honest, this is the 123456789th webcam I've bought.
Sometimes I think, why is it so troublesome of buying webcam again and again!
I might as well get a laptop with built-in webcam?
Dell Inspiron 13- 'Always Connected'
Enhanced wireless supports up to 802.11n connections.
Plus the Dell™ Webcam Central lets you video chat with friends and family with amazing ease.
my family and friends can videocall me whenever they want to, no worrying about the lost of webcam.

Besides that,
Inspiron '13 - 'Hi-definition experience'
I can enjoy true high-definition cinematic experience with my loved ones by just adding the optional ATI Radeon HD 4330 graphics card, and hooking up to a LCD tv using the one-cord HDMI connection.

*click to enlarge* to know more in details :)
Look at the arrow pointed,
the colors - WHITE, BLACK & PINK!
know what, Dell Inspiron 13 is available in these three favorite color of mine.
*jumping up and down*

Its smooth round edges and crisp clean lines are simply designed to inspire.
With the Alpine White, Obsidian Black and Cherry Red designs,
now you can really show off your true colours.
it's up to your preference to choose the color, I love all three.
Can I have all? (just kidding)
Who ask all of 'em just so catchy, attractive wei!

Alright, if only allowed to choose one, Cherry Red will be the one!
Red is Spicy, Stylish and Sexy! (three S')

Dell Inspiron 13 has 'Portable Power' -
Delivering 50% more performance, Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology lets you multitask at a whole different level.
So suits a multi-tasker just like me :)
Go online with Dell Inspiron'13, anytime, anywhere!
With its thin and light design(from only 1.8kg), I can bring it all around.
eg. Restaurants, Coffee Shop.

I'm a shopaholic, I enjoy shopping with friends.
But sometimes, I feel bored waiting for my friends who are taking so long in the fitting room,
Hey, now boredom is not a big deal anymore if I own a Dell Inspiron 13 and have it with me all the time!
while waiting, I can spend time wisely by surfing the net, completing my assignments and playing mini games.

I already put dell inspiron 13 in my heart,
desperately hopes to be the owner.

You are my sunshine, Dell Inspiron 13!

I heart you!

So, now you've got the answer!
In a nutshell,
my top 5 treat list?
let me repeat!
1. A trip to Korea
2. A relaxing holiday in Sipadan Island
3. A trip to Spain for skiing purpose
4. Volkswagen
5. Dell Inspiron 13

Dear readers,
here is a reward for you :)
with a special coupon code 7ZQVQF2RLZRKWS from Dell,
you can make purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!!!
This promotion only available online or by calling Dell at 1800-88-0301.
This coupon code expires on 10th Nov 2009!
So, why wait? :)