Saturday, August 25, 2007

Time Fliess

oh gosh . . . i'll be goin bk SUBANG vry vry soon..
& wil meet dem *subang gangz vry vry vry soon aso . .

i suppose to sleep now. .
sleep sleep sleep sleep SLEEP . . .

no no NO.. i don wan 2 sleep nw . .
i wana appreciate d last few hours I've at my hse b4 i goin off!!!!

haiz..can I get more DAYs for muah Holiday..??!!

well .. nyway, I've lot of funs at kt for tis holiday if compared to las hols.
REASON : sum of dem are Here..!!
secret recipe!!

after saujana``

ABC' ice kacang

keng-gai at beach

how old ed?18?


thankiee BUDDIES.. love u all to the MAX...

btw, I'm so sad nw..

cs jus nw asoon told me .. physic experiment tingy due date is tis monday..

yes!! is tis monday.. mean day after 2day!!

alomak.. i nt even do a single page..!! hoW?? rescue me pls....

I tink I'm d nua-est gal in tis world!!!!!wat to do??

nyway.. it's vry late ed nw!! 3:23am!!

gotta say gudbye 2 David, Edmund & Heng.. (so happie to c Heng on9)..

k la.. NITE -> Sleep..