Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Problematic Bday Boy

Have you ever heard of the escape of birthday boy for his bday surprise party and celebration?
here is the case,
the birthday boy - Khong Hern.Low
He claimed tht it's a tradition of VISTA to surprise the bday boy rite 12am on that particular day.
so he'd chosen to be the one who surprised ppl back!
WHAT A SURPRISE, kononnya.

He didn't think of others' feeling for being a potong stim one! grrrr.......
angry >.<
but still we postponed the celebration to the day after.
so it is considered as The Belated Bday Celebration!!!

1st venue
@ Kuchai Lama for Hotpot....

went tru the spicy moments with fellow batchmates.
due to sum reasons, they canoot make it for the next session./ too bad..;(

so the next venue was
@ sunway pyramid - Halo Cafe
this is actually the place we planned ahead for his celebration.
(no more Ole-Ole Bali due to the lacking of time, who asked him back kt on 19th.)

We planned to surprise him.
But i guess the celebration is under his expectation.
U know la, Perasan ppl bah!~~~

All of us splitted into 2 teams.
Team A - Prepare everything in Halo Cafe.
Team B - Blind-folded and direct him to Halo.
Wh and I were in team B, while the rest were working in Team A.

I was waiting their text msg to b-fold him there until they really get done!!
It was like ages for them to be well-prepared.
my teammate is a vry blur person, he always cant get my signal... tsk tsk!!!
take pic lo to kill the time, nothingelse can do bah!!

Wh looks like a typical Gay here
the image seems so wrong,
Wh like wanna kiss him jer..
haha.. XD

Lets See How's the preparations of Team A.
Is everytihng alright ??
We shall see den............
The glowing colourful tiny boxes...
there were 19 in total...

Team A get evrything done, so finally!!!
and it was the best timing for Team B members to enter den.

the blind-folded boy've catched so many eyes...

come come take a pic b4 his vision is clear..
say cheeseeeeeeee

kerlei was well-prepared to hide in a corner to serve him the bday cake..

are u wondering..
why was she the only one on the stage?
answer: she was the main singer to dedicate the slow version of birthday song for him!!
but do take note,
the rest sang it as well..

after all, the birthday boy had been conquered by all of us with the candles..
What a sweet scene...

He get the order to blow it off one by one..
He conveyed sum wishes for everyone..

Those candles were blown, and we took a group pic togeta with him!!

sumone came out an idea to pose like this..
The victim was Fiona yong..
padan muka , the 'F' word like her trademark le..

us again...

wehee.. the cake we bought..
Blackforest cake if not mistaken..
no Pandan Layer cake to be sold in Pyr lo..

It's Camera Time ......!!

Dee ... KH

Sit Yee and hern..

we should have ask him to blow it off in a row..
and see how good his blowing skill is..

apparently, we didnt order foods as the hotpot filled us full..
exception to lei, soon and weekiat.....

Cheryl shud join my 'VAN' club lah..

oh.. the beverage has it's vry special name..
but i just cant recall it...
3/ 4 of us shared 1 drink..
( the way to spend $$$ wisely due to economic crisis, lol)

hmm.. I realised tht Fiona loves to take pic oso uh..
not bad...
can consider her to join Van too..

Snee loves to take pic, as usual..

It;s pressies-give-away time...

WeeKiat was posing with my give-away necklace..

The only buying card fr Cheryl..

Leilei with her pressie..

Miss FIFI with her handmade card..
and I could remember how she made me unable to take pic with my handmade card..

I cant rmb how she names her pressie.
it starts with alphabet M.
Kh like tercekik nia.. Tsk tsk..
Fiona, u wanna tie him tight with ur shawl for life ah..

me and him with the necklace as pressie..
but the poor necklace pendant is half gone for now.. :(

They wore *Pink Series*

snee and wendy..
She looks great esp with my dress and bangle on..;)
see, I told u ed kan..
Snee realli likes to take pic alot.. haha

We got same surname weh.. Chua family!!
cool leh..
Asoon and I..

candid photo..
i love it!!

nanah and deee..
Our names' end with FONG

bday boy and MELK..

Melk looks nice in her kimono dress.
. i like her dress
myclassmate from Taylors and till now.. ;)

Whong and mee..

Weekiat - the batch rep of P108...

I'd like announce tht YiZhe is officially in my VAN club..
see the two gals behind who nge nge wanna space themself in the pic..

Triangle love??!!
choose me or her??
(acting lah)

u choose her instead of me??!!

It will be nicer if getting 3 long candles in between..

my camwhore sifu..

I captured this..
credits to me!!
so pretty..

Sinfonia/ symphony and wendy

Fiona and Zhe
us girls..

us again...!!

blow kisses and they catch!!

now the other way round,
We caught their blow-kisses!!

a normal pic!!

our fingers combined to a Hexagon star!!
my girls...

4 bffs .. my loves!
I love you, you love me..
we are happy family!!
and melk with us!!


we were in a band!

take pic b4 we chaoz!!

we 've chosen a random car to take pic..
and coincidentally the car plate is 282 as fiona's one!

nah, here's the proof!! the car plate 282!
Kh said snee pose like a car event showgirl

Fiona was driving!!!
All the car passengers stayed overnite at her place.

me with the so called PIG softtoy!

and lastly,
a pic with snee!!!

more posts up soon,
stay tune!