Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jiayee's 20th surprise party!

The surprise party was held in Iris's unit right at 12am.
We were directed to be there by 1045pm
Guess what were we doing before the party?
Self-made fondue!!!
with lot of 'goodies' to dip into choc fondue
marshmallows + love letters + 'cigaratte' sticks...
ohgosh.. this tangyuan is not related to fondue k.
this was made for funnnn only..

and also,
we have FRUITS to dip into the choc fondue.
fruits served are apples, bananas and oranges.
omg.. are u wondering WHY juicy ORANGES to be dipped into the choc?
when I first heard it from Fiona, I was like- HUH too..
abit off la the combination of oranges+ choc, cos it's too juicyyy..
Choc BANANA is oways the best!!!
high satisfaction from diff ppl (:
It's time to move our ass to 18th floor penthouse!
the main character wasnt home yet.
we spent time by doing crazy/mad stuffs..
she was decorating KH's hair with colorful plastic-coated clips!!
a group pic with smiless ;,)
Messaging my shoulder..
another group of ppl surfing net in WeiNee's room.
yay, I do it. piggieback her
She got home.
We were instructed to be hidden upstairs.
They run their plan with guided timeline.
everything went smooth
including the human-act-electricity-breakdown
They locked her outside (balcony) successfully.
In order to get herself out from the jail,
she has to complete the given tasks.
Ugly face.
singing.. blablabla.
poor jiayee outside alone to deal with the strong wind !
hopefully she didnt catch flu/cold day after..
tis was the tak jadi cake..
she nvr tot to get served with another nicer cake afterwards.
she was SHOCKED!
cake-cutting session!
3 layers cake with diff flavour/toppings for each layer.
Long bday-designed Hat specially for her
from her lovely hsemates.
us, girls..
I wanted to take pic with the cutie.
she's much more cuter than sumbody, i admit tht.
they're staying under one roof!
she with the guys.....

We off earlier as we havent completed our lab reports to be handed in next day.
las mins kakis.
tht's all..
more to come.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kenangan TerIndah

Flashback to Cameron precious moment v Iyen!!!
and I shall say this is how the story of air betina begins...
(takenote tht this is a superlong post)

President of the trip : Mr.Boon Chin Siang

Well, speaking of Cameron trip, it was memorable and absolutely Fun!
esp the night!
The trip seriously like a healer to solve question marks in mind and
draw us from just closer to the CLOSEST gang!!

greenery VIEW..
the fresh cooling air, breathtaking scenery and iyens = Excellent

First meeting up point was PUDU station:
Cheryl and I were the earliest to arrive there
( If not counted mund, hui, von in. Diff case la they arrived PUDU at 4++am as they took long journey bus all d way fr Kt. they willing to sacrifice for tis trip. touched)

Our departure on 9am.
But las mins we heard fr wangsa gang tht LEEHOW wont be coming as he lost his wallet day b4.
x IC x $$ = how to cum?
I can feel his pain =(
Sad sial. ;(

Get seated and started to be Hyper, as usual!

We jumped up and down, ran front to back, talked like nobody's business in the bus.
I think in our eyes, other than iyens the rest in the bus like transparent jer.

BabYing brought her baby Pro cammie along.
yuhhuuu.. can take helllot pics leh!

not only jumping,walking,talking loud loud, we even camwhoring in the bus!

Due to the unbearable noises source from passengers -iyens,
the bus driver stopped half way to scold us
he said smth like :
'Punggung mana, tapak mana, jgn duduk di atas handle.duduk diam diam blh?'
we feel so proud of being scolded =X
and we back to own seat, being an obedient passenger to keep quiet and soon dozed off.

We reached hours later,
waited for like half an hour for the guys to settle everything,
took bus up,
put our luggage in a restaurant store room.
and paid rm 30 per person for Half day trip.

the first place - the BOH factory

my 2 friends with face-covered so cute leh!!

Get him back to Tanjung Rambutan pls.
Endangered species out to town

BANG!!!Ying accidentally knocked her head.
Tis happened becus some mouth-fights againts her Jay.
She Bang her head just to protect her Jay.

Next on,
The Strawberry Farm
Big dissapointment towards this farm.
I tot it was like self-plucking,
no self-plucking allowed nvm,
but see the pic below...

the un-ripe strawberries due to the raining season in cameron.
How could this happen to me?arghhh
I wana experience plucking strawbeerry all by my own and send it into my mouth with the juicy melts.

btw, we didnt give GOOD response to the tour guide.
We got LAZY BUTTs & sat inside the bus to enjoy chit-chatting and dont even bother to pay visit to few places etc: butterfly farm.

We had steamboat for dinner.
and a walk to night market after dinner!!!

bought many junk foods and soft drinks.
checked in the apartment.
drinking session get started!

Wow. this is so sweeett....
a significance of Iyen stays foever!
girls - 2 biji of strawberries key chain
guys - Hot Red Chillies key chain

Duck Mund and Air Jantan were looking into each other eyes.

Mic looks so cute and adorable in this pic :)

Best-Click-Ex award goes to them

the wild sight of ZZHWDR (zui zai hu wo de ren)

Not pure liquor lah for sure.
mixture of Coke +blacklabel / chivas.

No caption for this pic.

Loser gets punishment to down the quarter/haf/whoe cup.

uh.. wendy looks so serious into sumthing.

The comparison of drunk and sober face.
hui babe's face so RED like apple jer..

Ying is the one who always pours the drink into the cup.
She loves to see ppl get high and drunk..
her target on tht night was mr.president if not mistaken..

rocky is rox weh!!!
mr. air jantan looks so retard and like a dead.

why was he closing his eyes?
sleepy or drunk..?

Heng and I.... ^^

True or Dare session started!

cheryl is a useless gal who cant even take in a SIP of liquor.. haha
she was the only exception tht drank Coke instead of liquor on tht nite..

I hv no idea what were they toking abt.!

squeeze-queezy at the balcony.

ChivaS after black label..

the mess behind the scene...

18sx scene..

ZZHWDR always wanna kiss me on my lip....
tsk tsk..
and yesterday ......
in pulau duyong, she xxxxx me....
not to reveal it here..i shy....

Tht nite,
all of us slept around 5/6am
1 room was siao with singing songs.( i was in this room togeta with von,hui,ryl, siang and chung)
Laughters accompanied till I fell asleep.
another room was gossiping, i guess?

The next morning,
We chilled in tht restaurant again
Had our lunch
was killing time in a mamak stall since it was raining heavily ..
Took 3 cabs to the bus station..

this 3 ppl in the same cab..

Take a serious look at this fella.


take a deep breathe b4 u scroll down//

He's a murderer!!\

Get into the bus with the heavy reluctant feeling.

Camwhore take 1

take 2

Our misbehaviour in the bus, again made us get scolded??
no no.. tis time we didnt get scolded..fuu..luckily
tell u wat, the entire trip we get scolded by diff ppl for more than 3 times...

evryone loves to pose,
correct me if i m wrong.

loadsa fun with them.

so kawaiiiiiiii.......

are u wondering why few pics above we love to get mobilefon involved ?
becos mobile fon is like a substitute to imagine Cherrie (russia), Wenyee(k.lipis), Riri(kt) and leehow (wangsa) are here together v us in the trip.
Great imagination huh..
don care.

And out of boredom,
this 4 ginia started to act weirdly.


no photo-theme.
Freedom in posing..

Ju-on ??
ghosts appeared to scare d only guy.... buu...

Self-camwhored and she ignores me...

The only and sweet couple in the trip...

I <3>

closer look of my babes..
Babe Hui and Von..

back to primary skul, introducing Mo-ni-tor Tan in 6M

He called me airbetina.DONT Ask WHY!
and i revenge so call him back AIR JANTAN
speechless =.=

Edmund Wee SOUR wei....

Neow. his lover. and mee...


fingers pointed to ChungChung

they wanna take pic oso leh///

My set AirJernih member.. kailoon.

AhChung pei he me leh.. He looks so cute ..hahh

Siang looks so lost. why he opened his mouth to :O.
Heng looks so evil leh in tis pic..
only chung the normal one..

I found tht mr.president sipek poser lo!!!
buey tahan.

xtra Mund for being the intruder of this pic..
a pic of me and ZZHWDR

Snap a pic of SIAOLANG

cherylai and her Ex/

aiya.. the arrow i drew in RED line not obvious weh..
Lui was aiming to throw tissue into Chuhuan's mth

a vast amount of Piggies' mouth in this pic..
Zzzzzz {*(..)-}

All in all,
the cameron trip was indeed successful and awesome one!
(of cos it'd be the perfect one if cherrie,riri,wenyee & leehow altogether)
credits to president and few for their willingness to sacrifice time to plan ahead and make the trip a wonderful one!
seriously, It can be said as MY KENANGAN TERINDAH..
speaking of, Life's always good with IYENS.
cant wait for the next trip with u guys..
p/s: mic, make it happen for the next trip yah!

as u guys shud hv knw howmuchILoveIyen.
Iyen rox to the max.!!