Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jiayee's 20th surprise party!

The surprise party was held in Iris's unit right at 12am.
We were directed to be there by 1045pm
Guess what were we doing before the party?
Self-made fondue!!!
with lot of 'goodies' to dip into choc fondue
marshmallows + love letters + 'cigaratte' sticks...
ohgosh.. this tangyuan is not related to fondue k.
this was made for funnnn only..

and also,
we have FRUITS to dip into the choc fondue.
fruits served are apples, bananas and oranges.
omg.. are u wondering WHY juicy ORANGES to be dipped into the choc?
when I first heard it from Fiona, I was like- HUH too..
abit off la the combination of oranges+ choc, cos it's too juicyyy..
Choc BANANA is oways the best!!!
high satisfaction from diff ppl (:
It's time to move our ass to 18th floor penthouse!
the main character wasnt home yet.
we spent time by doing crazy/mad stuffs..
she was decorating KH's hair with colorful plastic-coated clips!!
a group pic with smiless ;,)
Messaging my shoulder..
another group of ppl surfing net in WeiNee's room.
yay, I do it. piggieback her
She got home.
We were instructed to be hidden upstairs.
They run their plan with guided timeline.
everything went smooth
including the human-act-electricity-breakdown
They locked her outside (balcony) successfully.
In order to get herself out from the jail,
she has to complete the given tasks.
Ugly face.
singing.. blablabla.
poor jiayee outside alone to deal with the strong wind !
hopefully she didnt catch flu/cold day after..
tis was the tak jadi cake..
she nvr tot to get served with another nicer cake afterwards.
she was SHOCKED!
cake-cutting session!
3 layers cake with diff flavour/toppings for each layer.
Long bday-designed Hat specially for her
from her lovely hsemates.
us, girls..
I wanted to take pic with the cutie.
she's much more cuter than sumbody, i admit tht.
they're staying under one roof!
she with the guys.....

We off earlier as we havent completed our lab reports to be handed in next day.
las mins kakis.
tht's all..
more to come.

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