Saturday, December 29, 2007


hving insomnia
get off fr tat comfy bed
unbelievable rite??
i'd like to crap here!
oh ya,
here to inform you guys tat
i m off fr kt since 27dec
now in thecity-kl! haha
the city is buzzing v celebrations
tis reminds me of newyr eve!
getting in mood 4 tat. .
1mre day left !!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

xmas EVE - kt!

past 2 days, i was celebrating Xmas eve at my hmetown (k.trg)!
it wasn't tat bored as many tot so! you guys are definitely wrong !!
frankly talk, it was really fun!!
debbie & keanhui organised a xmas eve party!!
Red colours were flooded at my sight! why?
jus bcs every1 there (eh, i think 85% bah) was wearing RED!
but den, we were there with vivid color shirts! (green, pink, yellow )
ops.. von've forgotten to inform us! ( she wasnt a betrayer, as her wearing attire was PINK)
forgive her bah!
off fr kh's hse, as we jus appeared to visit them but not joining!
den, we moved on to eat ikan bakar!!
yummy yummy!! d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s pari & sotong bakar!!
we ate til vry fullllllllllll...
hmph, drove to mombai (our 2nd hse)
hv a great chit-chatz over there..
neither pillow nor sun talk, guess wat? ''MOON talk''!! <- created by w3ndee!
around 1145pm, saw a lot familiar person walked towards us!!
oh, tat's them! came there to countdown?!
kononnya, or miss 4 of us? (me, yee, von, mund)
hahah. . . don perasan laa . .
they were there to countdown!!really..
m.e.r.r.y. c.h.r.i.s.t.m.a.s.!!
only 4 of us, backstabbed other i-yen'ers!
i-yen reunion?when could it be? yet how long we stil need to wait?!
kayy. . wil post sum nice pics we took purposely to show off!!who's my target? i knw u knw

pentagon star

2 wendies!

kling and I


my neighbour (hui)!

last but not least,
i wanna highlight some issues :
1. Wenyee lost her such "a bacteria size"[kua zhang bit la d description] earring! (found by
2. Eevon lost her earring too! (special thanks to erichan & hui who found it)
(weh, her earring was super duper triple big size if compared to yee's 1)
3. mund said my camwhore skill wasnt tat baD!(tidak disia-siakan)
eh, here i would like to express some words tat non relevant to this post title..
sorry 4 not updating 4 ages.!!
explaination :
lazyness, busy, lotsa photos to be uploaded (tiring), and my hse dont hv wireless router(only streamyx, but sad case : the modem was plugged to my lil bro new desktop )
so, if i wanna update my post, needa transfer pics fr my lappie pulok.. it takes time!
all that my excuses given . . .
c you guys gain,!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


hohohoho. . .

Merry Christmas!!!
hi, ppl !! i'm BACK!!