Friday, April 25, 2008

when's my turn for hols?

hols? weeks later.
it is still so damn long to go 4 me.
why ha. cos i still needa go tru d awful days!
i'm goin bak this sunday for end of semester (EOS) papers!
My Finals starts on this monday!
pray 4 me going healthy whithin d exam week lah!
and, can I request for a greedy wish?
wish to get Friendly test papers instead of Cruel one!!!
drop me Lucks & Wishes!
that's All..

out for dinner!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


jus feel like posting these 2 photos.
nothing so special
grab this opportunity,
intro them to you,
still wan more to knw?
we built our relationship in taylors last yr!

from left : Fiona, Kerlei, Cheryl & Meeee
with cute-adorable 'me-to-you-bear in between

kerlei is a notti gal.she dumped us & left to Tassie.

3 of us left in IMU.try to spot some1 for being so extra(weekiat)

scary days are coming.

5 more days to FINALS!

wish me luck.

slap myself awake - it's time to say no to my lazy-ness!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


hi blog,
i'm here to thanks few ppl.
thanks lot lot lots to cheryl, waihong, junyan, khonghern for sending me answers by email.
they purposely took photos of d ans / typed d ans by their own!
pretty nice and helpful, arent they?
i really feel touched ..
glad and great to hv u guys as batchmates p108!!

appreciate & love!

by w3ndee, i like this greyish effect lah!
Wide Smile for d appreciation!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i've got sumting to share

it's late nite.
w3ndee is still awake!
i'm fullll as i slept for few hours at evening time.
oya, for those who donknw,
i'm off for 2weeks study break!
need to prepare for EOS's Finals,
it sounds scary,
but seriously,
i don feel d BIG pressure so far,
hey, not bcos i'm well-prepared for it la ok?
not a good thing actually,
nothing pushes me forward to study.
I've been slacking this few days.
time spent v lappie,astro,cousie,nice foods and Bed .
just for no reason,
time flies without realising.
hey, i'm laughin rite nw, ;)
thinking of sumting tat so funnay.
you knw wat:
'evrytimes i'm lost as i havent start my reading for coming/next day test,
a spontaneous reaction of mine,
text/fon Cheryl Lai Si t yee
mayb to calm me down?
she's realli my good (ehno, replace good with BEST) companion for doing vry last mins study '
den we will like,
[oh shit, damn lah.
how how how!
a lots to cover up in d test.
den most prob it will be ended up with,
either one of us replies,
cant tahan ed lah,
gotta sleep.. don sleepso late lah]
funny rite?
fact that nvr changed since last yr Taylors SAM..!!
nua nua nua 996!
both of us waiting to get award!
jus don understand,
good things always be grabbed, bad things always be shoo-away!
sumting goes wrong btw us,
it goes another way round,
we jus love to compare who more nua,
sob sob sob!
den i did advice her evrytimes after tests,
hey, miserable life goes 4 doing las min works,
BE AWAKE, stay away fr doing it again,
pls pls pls!
the advice seems ineffective for her and Me as well!
funny rite?
here reminds me sumting bout last yr,
cyn and el always be my bad influence!XD
we ordered MCd halfway revision,
yamcha hours b4 test,
time spent for cooking,chitchatting
the Tests are just like nobody business for some residents in 203block U,my place apartment!
But stil,
We got high blood pressure flow whenever we;re late to d exam venue!
miss d great moments we've Had last yr!
stop here.
sleep tight!


Friday, April 11, 2008


okay, i was at HELP's Hostel few hours ago! andnw, i'm at kt..hme sweet hme!
was supposed to post this up when i was there!
but, i can only post it rite nw.(after 5hrs). why?
all it goes to heng's fault lah!
she takes for granted that her lappie battery can last for 10more mins!
who knows.
when i was almost finishing my last sentence..
the laptop auto power off as it runs out of Battery!
speechless. . .
(looking at her and laugh : you're so 'good' in battery duration estimating)
forget abt that lah,
2ml is her big day!
nah, hv a look down there!!
where our camwhore session started,

Take 1 (high satisfactory pic) ilove,ilove

Take 2

Take 3
Take 4
Take 5 (she loves this)
Take 6
i looked so damn lan c!
Take 7

Take 8

burpp...burpp..BubblesSsss hmm,nyway i wanna emphasize that all those photos were taken by her new Vaio tuu..!not bad lah, quite cun..same model as my sis's one..

but, i still prefer mine lot and lots!even scratch evrywhere ;(

i was laughing nw,
bcos i've received a super buziai sms!
she texted me: eh, rmb wish me 2nite yah!!
Thus, i wanna announce to evry1 :
2ml is heng d dummie's birthday,
dont 4get to wish her yah..!!
i guess she's flying high when reading this post!kakaka!