Saturday, December 29, 2007


hving insomnia
get off fr tat comfy bed
unbelievable rite??
i'd like to crap here!
oh ya,
here to inform you guys tat
i m off fr kt since 27dec
now in thecity-kl! haha
the city is buzzing v celebrations
tis reminds me of newyr eve!
getting in mood 4 tat. .
1mre day left !!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

xmas EVE - kt!

past 2 days, i was celebrating Xmas eve at my hmetown (k.trg)!
it wasn't tat bored as many tot so! you guys are definitely wrong !!
frankly talk, it was really fun!!
debbie & keanhui organised a xmas eve party!!
Red colours were flooded at my sight! why?
jus bcs every1 there (eh, i think 85% bah) was wearing RED!
but den, we were there with vivid color shirts! (green, pink, yellow )
ops.. von've forgotten to inform us! ( she wasnt a betrayer, as her wearing attire was PINK)
forgive her bah!
off fr kh's hse, as we jus appeared to visit them but not joining!
den, we moved on to eat ikan bakar!!
yummy yummy!! d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s pari & sotong bakar!!
we ate til vry fullllllllllll...
hmph, drove to mombai (our 2nd hse)
hv a great chit-chatz over there..
neither pillow nor sun talk, guess wat? ''MOON talk''!! <- created by w3ndee!
around 1145pm, saw a lot familiar person walked towards us!!
oh, tat's them! came there to countdown?!
kononnya, or miss 4 of us? (me, yee, von, mund)
hahah. . . don perasan laa . .
they were there to countdown!!really..
m.e.r.r.y. c.h.r.i.s.t.m.a.s.!!
only 4 of us, backstabbed other i-yen'ers!
i-yen reunion?when could it be? yet how long we stil need to wait?!
kayy. . wil post sum nice pics we took purposely to show off!!who's my target? i knw u knw

pentagon star

2 wendies!

kling and I


my neighbour (hui)!

last but not least,
i wanna highlight some issues :
1. Wenyee lost her such "a bacteria size"[kua zhang bit la d description] earring! (found by
2. Eevon lost her earring too! (special thanks to erichan & hui who found it)
(weh, her earring was super duper triple big size if compared to yee's 1)
3. mund said my camwhore skill wasnt tat baD!(tidak disia-siakan)
eh, here i would like to express some words tat non relevant to this post title..
sorry 4 not updating 4 ages.!!
explaination :
lazyness, busy, lotsa photos to be uploaded (tiring), and my hse dont hv wireless router(only streamyx, but sad case : the modem was plugged to my lil bro new desktop )
so, if i wanna update my post, needa transfer pics fr my lappie pulok.. it takes time!
all that my excuses given . . .
c you guys gain,!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


hohohoho. . .

Merry Christmas!!!
hi, ppl !! i'm BACK!!

Monday, October 1, 2007

comments 4 duckling!

Comments 4 edmund wee swan way's masterpiece

don proud of tat pls,
cos it's nt super duper hard to do tat.


the cover page
~ NOT enuf attractive
~ shud bold / italic the title
~ shud hv more colourful bckground

ur overall --
~ Larger font pls
~ ur pic inside is nt tat attractive lah
~ ur subtopics shud put special bit.
~ ur arrangement not creative at all, too segi empat!

i would like to gv u 14/20 (70%). . ur masterpiec average ony, u deserve for grade B!!

hey, nyway. .
i jus gvin my own opinions and comments.
pls b open minded towards it!
don get hurt. .

day before & after trials?

trial weeks - suffering' (padan muka :( cs doin las min works)

can u imagine ,






how 'smart' i'm . . .
i study all tis only day b4 d subject test.
MATH - 10 chapters
BIOLOGY - Topic : M , C , O , E (50 subtopics weh)
PHYSICS - 16 chaps

CHEMISTRY - 6 chaps

hohoh.... it's quite impossible rite if i can finish whole yr studies in few hours time 4 evry sub. .
so catch my hints?
oh, i knew i did badly in trial. ops!!
WARNING to myself (pls don so last SECS works gain)
i REGRET ed. . .


Day after trials damn fun,
lots fun ..


sing K * Ikea curry puff . ice cream * Ikea * Seafood KL * Belle's belated bday celebration * kepong * bk to subang * yam cha .

so called posers!!

3 soh po~

went out v muah dad mum sis

dinner @ hotel Armada

pat . w3ndy


eat nice foods
Pavillion ***

sent dem off klia
bk to subang


v elaine,
went to mv
^shoopping fever ^
njoy. . .

jack fetch us bak
eat BAK KUT TEH . .
yummy. .

k bah.. stop here nah!! late ed
2ml 8am class . .

merdeka day

the curve, PJ

found tis pic in my folder,

post it as it's nice & memorable . . .

stil got lot n lots pics of tat day,

but i admit my lazy-ness . .


i think 1 is more dden enuf,


Saturday, September 29, 2007

her feeling

a guy,
i lost faith
i lost trust
i lost hopes
a foolish innocent heart tat once blive in true love
in gving chances
broken into pieces, dissapointed
how cud tis happen to me!!
all d trust i gave u
all d words u gave me
was it alie or along
was it jus a game
how cud u betray my foolish heart
i nvr doubted u
but tis will happen again
i' will nvr lay my heart on u anymore
u b the past i erase fr my forever and ever
let us nvr knw each other..
if only. . .
i can only feel hatred
a cold blooded
heartless stranger
v no feeling
i would nvr b gullible girl
u once knew
without u,
i would nvr learn tis horrible fact
love isnt's everyting
u aint everything
i would nvr fall for ur sweetwords!
all the craps
all the bullshits
all lies
so back off!!
i would nvr let u in my life again!!!!!
don ever say u love me
don trust a guy tat sayhe love u
words and actions prove nothing
tis is the horrible truth
u jus have to live v it..
b smart gurl

tat all wat elaine wanna throw her feeling on tis piece of post!! that all

It's . . . aiks!!

. it's easy to say sumtin
.. it's nt hard to make a promise
... it's depends on dos promiser'
whether to keep or break
their promises
.... it's aso optional choice
for me whether to listen
nor ignore dos promises

i chose to trust dem,
chose to wait the long days to reach
it's THE day

but. . .
..... wad's i wanna say is :
...... dn try to gv more excuses
....... sorry,
it's nt acceptable gain..
......... 'Once a product was expired,
it's priceless'
& get lost from telling customers lies that
it's still usable!!
.............. in fact, it's hard 4 evry1 to accept the useless craps
even though ur talks as sweeet as honey
................ boo.. jus simple hints over here :
.................. i'm tired to listen to those excuses
..................... it might be real reason 4 u, i knw'
...................... but i jus don1 2 listen
....................... cos u've BREAK your promise
......................... i wont be tat s2pig again
.......................... like a mad person
to gv my advices
cs i knw
my advices're all rubbish !!
it's never work!
............................... i choose to gv up, shud I?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

tired daY!

2day i woke up super early in d clear morning..!!
5am wehh.....
why? jus to prepare formula sheets (2 front bak pages) for math..
'I kinda blur tat time..cant tink well.. jus think of Sleep sleep sleep & sleep ony!!
idea pop up fr mind.. :
(yihhee.. y m'I so s2pig.. i can jus take those formula sheets tht i did 4 mid term & common tests lah!!)
ish.. smart mie!!
continue sleep den..woke gain at 625
yih, curious le? Satday wat 4 wake so early leh?!!
here to tel u,
the reason : Math MOCK test at 7sharp!!.
jus to be honest,
me, cyn & el were late!! reached bout 706 i tin..
but cyn & el so lucky, even they're late but den they can get into d classroom!!

unfortunate, late me get stopped by Mr.Chong to get into d class!
i 've to wait outside bout 10mins!
luckily, grace fr G7 late too!!
thus, i got companion to wait outside ..
he.. so it's nt tat BAD..

finish 3 hours mock test at 1010 ..
breakfast at pasar..damn la, there a lot lot CATSSSS!!hate**



i went to a buiding nearby klcc :

- to meet upp mum,sis n cousie!!
We hv our lunch at Sasaki

SASAKi ( nt so sure the spelling)
* Japanese Buffet & Dinner for 50+++ per person only
* super duper worth
* menu include sushiiees , shark fin soup, lobster, prawn & lot lot la!! ^yummy^
visit der when u feel to do so!!
No Doubtss!! Worth!!



bk2 my place apartment..
wanna do my text production tingy.. lazY!!
k la.. tired ed ..stop here!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Time Fliess

oh gosh . . . i'll be goin bk SUBANG vry vry soon..
& wil meet dem *subang gangz vry vry vry soon aso . .

i suppose to sleep now. .
sleep sleep sleep sleep SLEEP . . .

no no NO.. i don wan 2 sleep nw . .
i wana appreciate d last few hours I've at my hse b4 i goin off!!!!

haiz..can I get more DAYs for muah Holiday..??!!

well .. nyway, I've lot of funs at kt for tis holiday if compared to las hols.
REASON : sum of dem are Here..!!
secret recipe!!

after saujana``

ABC' ice kacang

keng-gai at beach

how old ed?18?


thankiee BUDDIES.. love u all to the MAX...

btw, I'm so sad nw..

cs jus nw asoon told me .. physic experiment tingy due date is tis monday..

yes!! is tis monday.. mean day after 2day!!

alomak.. i nt even do a single page..!! hoW?? rescue me pls....

I tink I'm d nua-est gal in tis world!!!!!wat to do??

nyway.. it's vry late ed nw!! 3:23am!!

gotta say gudbye 2 David, Edmund & Heng.. (so happie to c Heng on9)..

k la.. NITE -> Sleep..

Sunday, July 8, 2007

1st post!!

Weell.. tis 1st blog is purposely write 4 cHeryl Lai Sit yee aka hiao.. lol..

i post it ed!! yea!