Thursday, May 29, 2008

If you hv this thought : wendy, you got ur car license ady rite?
You are totally wrong!!!
In fact, I failed my hill-part with the wheels out of the yellow line 2/3cm!!! Shame..
But, I was real nervous and panic when my name was called!!
Luckily, I passed my on-the-road one with passing mark 17/20.
Overall, it is considered as FAILED oso!!
I will go for a re-test on 1st of June only for hill, parking & endroad!
Pray pray pray.... Wish me luck too..

It was yesterday. yah, WE went to Mermaid Island - the place where Monsoon Cup was held. Jacky Chan & Michelle Yeoh've been there b4. A Proud of Kt!!
& guess wat, tht was so special.Bcos we took a fun ride on boat to get there...
Normally, we just sit on the 4 wheels to get there...tht's y I said Special' for tht day.
I woke at 7+am with only 50% awake. (sleepy)=.=
The fishing boat was departing at 945am, so we chill-ed around at Pasar Payang?
We went there to hunt for nice souvenirs.But get none. );

Spot the 'Bawang' & look below one! wow.so many Bawang's by my Rusa house.The theme - Aladdin
Blew off the bubbles. Excited!
And now, the fishingboat is gonna make a move. Engine-on, uuuuu......
capture a pic of hers fr the back.
3' x RM 1 = RM 3 is paid. Adult price
Eh, can see the new Felda hotel.
& for abt 5mins, we reached the destiny.
I took this at jetty there.
The sun shone on the surface, it came out a vry cun effect. Nice-captured by w3ndy!

After we reached the jetty,
and you knw wat.
We wanna go to The Heritage Bay Club.
But we jus knw tht the jetty is a 'short' distance to our destiny.
We walked under the hot sun.
The sun is killing & penetrating into our skin.
Die lo, vry panas.
Advice: Dont ever try to walk under hot-sun,cos I bet u cant tahan one
& hot hot hot till can be vrt hot-tempered one.
Tht time, we were chicken running.
We started to think of Cars..
How blissful we're if we jus sitting on it shooo & can get rid of the skin burning
Cars speed faster than our 3x2=6 legs
We're just like seeing sunshine when almost reaching a cold air-conditioned indoor compound after 10mins walking plus running?!
It was ''ULEK MAYANG'' restaurant(hope I got the correct spell)
Cold cold & comfortable...
Our bodies need cooling vry badly at tht moment! We ordered 2 beverages. One costs for 10bucks!

Fresh Orange-squeezy-juice..Expensive but worth-drinking with the nice.peaceful Environment
Riri is sitting next to me..

We keng gai there for like 3/4 hours but paid only 20bucks for total.
This time, we are smart tho as we went Reception to ask for a drop-off to jetty.
The receptionist gal is nice and friendly.
She arranged the VIP boat for us.
She might have thought we're staying there.
Whocares.As long as we can get to reach mainland.

Take pic b4 we are going off.!!

Riri & Eevon
Eevon & I. Can you see there's a lake behind us?

This is the lake which I mentioned
Wow.Reasonable.& cheap!!!WE target this in to-makan-list for next time!

Monsoon Cup Posters are painted on d wall
Here is the VIP boat provided only for 3 of us!
RM3 per person for the VIP boat fare.
Exhausted but it's Fun.!
Went ChuanKee & chicken rice for lunch.
Met yee shi up.
Eat eat eat sumore.!!!
Back home at 530pm..ZzzZZzz..
Stop Here..
The Day's Out was fun as we spend time together.They perk me up! loves!,'')

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

cant wait for 2ml..Ngek Ngek...
sleep early .. nite evryone..,'')

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Careless + Forgetful = Terrible
2day i woke up at 555am as what i did on previous days.
Was kinda blur cos I slept at 2am as to catch up v the last episode of (The Chamber Of Silver Sorrows) on astroondemand.Align Center
John picked me up at 615am. He's vry punctual and makes me rush like shit.
Still early when I get to reach there,
was sitting nex to few anak murid of John.
I feel so shame evrytime I saw youngers hving car learning session on d same time!!! ish
Just hormonal imbalance.
My name was the firstcalled, so Idonotneed to wait tht long.
Vry lucky..
2day can be considered as my last car practise session v Bitara,
A madam guided me and she's not fierce at all.
lucky again..
But one tihng was she can read my mind,
She asked me " Apa yang sedang mu pikirkan(thinking)?"
Dunno why, my mind will fly to somewhereelse when I'm driving,
when bak to Awake, I will jus like stunned & dunno what was I thinking few mins ago.
And, she and other instructors who sit on my car before have the same complaint,
seriously, they said tht, so do I think.Ehehe
And one thing,
always when passing by school area,
common sans lah hor, slow dwn the car,*speed limit <30>
walao, I did slow dwn d car, but I sure will laugh alone there,
cos it's jus like so obtensible for the sudden slw dwn.
kay, and knw wat,
when I was back after half an hour on road
They still sit on the long bench! 96
It was 805am only.
John told me to wait for PakCik to practise for one more last!
I did take his order, and soh soh kan wait loh.
After 45 mins, I din even see the shade of pakcik.
I kenot tahan d,
lack of sleeping & was starving lah on tht time.
Thus, I called him....
'U ask me to wait him, but I don even see him pun.'
'You wait lah, he can only teach u on 11am'
'walao,mean u wan me to wait for 2mre hrs,are u CRAZY'
'I cum fetch u den'
'u fetch me?wat time har?izit need wait till3 of them done!, THey havent start oso pun'
*impatience tone*
' later i cum jus talk to u lah'
'NVM den, I go bak by my own! BYE'
-called up mummy,wake her up, and Wat i can do is still WAIT-
Glucose lvl of my body dropped to initial,
& I really hv no strength to make a move.!
Waited for half an hour,
Finally my parents came... uhh
and, in a rush to walk to them...
Tragedy Happened..
I took fon and purse with me & jus chaoz like tat..
I've forgotten abt the yellow record book of learning & L license which attached to it.
Can see I only ganjiong of my fon & purse only..
plus How blur i was tht moment.
I went off for breakfast to fill my empty stomach since 6am.
Was satisfied and bak to Nap b4 going to next session of car practise on 11am.
I was awaken by fon's alarms on 1050am.
Hm..I jus noticed tht I've Misplaced My License L & Yellow Record Book!! cries***
hell, but still vry calm to face it..
The clock hits 11,
Pakcik was outside mua hse waiting,
I get into d car..
still can smile..(greet)
Usually he wont be asking 'Sudah ambil lesen L & Buku'
And whoknws,
sui sui.. this time he did!!!!!
walao... I told him the truth..
and can be expected..
I kena belebeh(get nagged) the whole long way to destiny.
He makes me feel vry lost & blanked out....
(As what i already knw, & He emphasized - 'Kalau tak leh cari, tak tau lah mu..esok test boleh cancel, tak payah gi lah)
A bundle of nerves...
Take my breath deeply...
Turning for exterior view fr car
Intuitive feeling of mine was telling 'don worry, kind-hearted ppl sure help me out to return it to officers'
Meanwhile, -ve thinking was appeared ' How abt if I really cant find them, &I'm gonna cancel out the car driving test tat I waited for so long!'
Mixture of diff feelings.. awful journey to go even it's jus short 15mins!
When reached, i straight away headed to counter and make my enquiry.
The few counter guys still lark v me..
'Wendy, you tak mau buku dan lesen doh? Esok tak mau ujian doh ke?'
The hasty wendy replied :'Mau Mauu..Saya nak ujian esok!'
Hahas, i think i'm such a numbnut for being so forgetful and careless! These unchanged attitudes js like forever.. Hate hate..
ohya, 2ml I'm having my Car Driving Test, yesyes.2ml
pal, can u pray hard for me?
Cos accordingly,it's pretty hard to pass in kt ! No jkes!
sumore, I'm selfish to feed JPJ testers v Duit Kopi.
Yes, I'm nt willing to do that,
And, I wont bcos this will make them bcum greed-ier!
I bet nex time they sure wil request to rise the 'duit kopi' !!!
I don wan to pay is Xbcos I'm over-confident v my own driving skill,
Actuually, I do expect failure for 2ml.?.Cos No Duit Kopi to save me up! lols
But doncarelah, I jus don feel like paying! I'm Selfish in term of money.XD!!
WISH ME LUCK oso nah,
pray pray pray 4 me...
eventho I;ve tht expectation for 2ml!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is his turn.

Happy Birthday to my dearest Daddy
You love me, so I love you back!!!
"Iloveyou,youloveme,we are happy family''
I'm not a good daughter, i always burn holes of his pocket.
(short & simple post sometimes can express in the best way)
Your Daughter

thankiu for the concerns.
Ive checked tru imu.mail and get to knw the status of my results.
*double-clicked it once, and it den appeared as stated below:

"Dear student, Please be informed that you have passed the End of Semester 1 Examination''

I hope this is accurate. No grades given tru email, hafto wait for the mail to my hse! 2 mre days, i guess. whocares, as long as my dad doesnt need2pay extra 500bucks for the re-sit! that's realli more den enuf......
(pray for me tht the email fr IMU did not fooled me dwn)

My concerns towards sum ppl turned to be cruel. . . i totally cant take the jokes! Dont u think it's a bit too much? StandOnMySideAndThinkAbtIt. Maybe i'm a short-lined receiver, maybe i misunderstood ed, maybe i misinterpret it, maybe you guys mean other way round of what i can think of.. It's just too many of 'Maybe's. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,& sorry if i did..
Icaresomuchofit, bcos i plant this 'frenship' seed deeply in soil(heart).

Monday, May 19, 2008

Can be seen obviously tht my bloggie was flooded with bday posts recently!
The clock is tip-topping,
Feel like stopping it!
It is against my power to do it.
My results will be released 2ml at 4pm.
I'm not going bak uni to take it!
"Wendy is a fact-fearer"!
I have no say about my results since I did my vry vry last mins studies!
& i paid only 20% efforts while others 90++%
(wht do u expect for 1day/2days squeezing per subject)
-regretsss gao gao-
cant blame nyone~~~
It's killing me for the coming tomorrow! :(
Miracle - whe're u?

20th May 08

Happy Birthday to
this gal,
wow.This is nice.Photo stolen fr her fs.
You really look amazed v your new hair cut!
Stay Pretty!!!!!
All The Best in ya finals!!
Happy Birthday to Huey Chieng too.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another BDay Post~

Happy 19th Birthday...

Elaine Chai Shwu Ping

The gal tht I've been seen almost evryday for a year,
The first sight i met her, the first impression given was LanC.
But after knwing her well,
She's actually nope.
& goes crazy + mad all the times.
Since it's her bday,
I'd like to leak out a secret of hers.
That is she owns many secret admirers so called 'boats' by me,
can tell how attractive & nice she is.

The Sexist
Future lawyer to be borned!!
You & Me.

Just for you

Happy Birthday
Efreet Foo
*she likes orange color of mine^
Even tho she's in Aussie,
All of iyens miss her lotz in Msia,
The youngest finally turns up to LEGAL 18!!!
I think she has been pulled out long neck for this long-waited day..
hope i'm not wrong
She hates pink, i'm mean for writing in Pink!
The long hair & innocent-looked ying.
Nah see, somuch of changes!
Say cheese. Frens for life!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Song Dedication

I post this with purpose! She is a die hard fans of LeeHom!!!!!!!!same as cherrie
She was saying that Leehom loves her & singing tis song for her.
why har? This is just becos the repeated 'na na na na na' makes her perasan!
Correct, her name did hav 'na', she is my classmate for Taylors & batchmate in IMU - Fiona Yong
a super bza gal! hope u like it!

Change My Ways (Gai Bian Zi Ji) by LeeHom Wang
I woke up this morning and looked at my reflection
I discovered that my hair was a bit kuso
Minor changes make a big difference
We also have the power to change the world
I've been rather vexed lately, feeling very down
Wanting to scream every time I watch the news
But foul words are useless, everyone will disapprove
I've changed and found that I transformed tremendously
To the new generation, lets work hard
Everyone shout na na na na na
I can change the world, change myself
Change analities, change stinginess
Must strive and never give up
In order to change the world, come on, change oneself

I woke up this morning with a headache
Perhaps there's too much CO2 and not enough oxygen
Minor changes make a big difference
Our enthusiasm can also change the world
Just representing myself with no political stance
Though seeing this world makes me nervous
Improve oneself, just one dot can bring a dragon to life
*To the new generation,
lets work hard
Everyone shout na na na na na

I found it in an English version lyrics.
It has been translated from chinese.
I'd like to clarify that i'm not a banana

Loon's Bday Celebration

First of all, I'd like to say :

Happy Belated Birthday,
Kai Loon
Right at 12am on 16 May, we followed the plan running and went to beach with a cake & sparkling juice to gv him a surprise! Hak, but I don think he feels it's a surprise! I guess he've expected it! wuhuu
And, let me continue...
Yesterday, we had steamboat in Huan's hse as to celebrate his bday! For those iyens who r not at kt at that moment, really missed missed missed out the spicy 'wasachan', tasty soup, 'Holiao', Lui's spaghetti & fruit punch as well! All these really good, sumore plus so many of us, this can be described as EXCELLENT!!
I'm so glad for my good timing of Hols!!
Btw, knw wat? We did a Big Bday Card for him!!! So las mins yet so nice! I think i wanna do one for my own oso, vry Meaningful + Memorable & perhaps i can hang it in my room? haaa..
Here's the card!!!!!!

Are u wondering- what are the alphabets devicing?
Guess it out urself if u could!I'm not gonna tel u!
Wow.. cantik-kan? i wan i wan oso!!
The girls were giving it to him!!
He was acting to be shocked!!-_-'''
pls spot someone at behind!!

Guys joined us for photo-taking session!!
Girls' Talk!!
*Swollen eyes*
Went bck home at 235am!! jiaklak!!

Yay! succeed to transfer these pics fr her cam to my lappie!

Venue : Primula Beach Resort(Batu Burok)
Date : 11/05/08
Time : 4-5pm
Do you see her excitement? :),
I did not apply any skin protection lotion to my skin! BURNED!
Love to pose is not a crime, agree?
We bought d cheapest kite that costs us 5bucks only!
Thanks for editting!I love the'w3ndee' in maroon!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Untitled post

its 430am. since i'm still 100% fresh & awake,
share v u a secret that to be kept yah^^
lately, w/o knwing why,
& it happens so spontaneous,
Narcissism has back to attack me after so long.
:S :S :S
The sufficient proof(s) of ATTACK were proven with photos down there. hehehe.

i'm bored to wait mua sis in d car.
so, she's camwhoring!
as to make my face rounder.
cool or lan c? watever
bueytahan vain me ler, i stopped it after tis.
i lov tis pic more than the 4s up there!