Sunday, August 31, 2008

i havent started Found.Pharm assign yet =.=
The due date is day after 2ml.
gosh. i guess everyone's finishing or at least 6677 / 7788
damnit, pls don't be like tht.
just cant help it for being last last mins agen!
sumo later i'm gonna support my batch mates for FOOTBALL match.
fyi, they get into FINAL! wuhuu.. cool!!!
stop writing here.
I should start nw.
bahbye >3

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do you knw who's she?

Everyone knws her, kan?

''Avril Lavinge -The Best Damn Thing 2008'' concert

Avril is hawt.

guess wat,
i got the superVIP ticket for this concert,
it's SUPER VIP which means the super front row.
it's not on sale(i think)
even if it's on sale, it costs rm500 and above.
wuhh.. cool.
thx Yiping
(my lovely batch mate, or even more specific - my physio grp member/ someone who sits front/back to me in exam hall)
at first, she said she's gonna get the tickets for half price,
it's already jumping me up down!
who knws,
when i got to know she've gotten the super VIP tickets for both of us.
it's so unbelievable.
it's an undescriptable feeling.
cool weh.!!!
sumore i didn't expect it's FOC.
no single cents to be paid for the ticket.
i like i love i like i love.

Stadium Merdeka , I'm back to you once again after Danny's
just cant wait for 2nite. ;-)
how will the concert's gonna be?
how's the environment with tonnes of AL's huge/dye hard fans?
how's the feeling for sitting on the most front row?
how's the feeling for getting just so near to her?
abundant of HOW and question marks!

now i'm having a Physio -related lesson in ELAB.
but i'm blogging here.
what a sign of intelligent uni student!
later i'm gonna spend my day with Yiping.
physio assignment.lunch.shopping.dina.concert!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

''Tht's why I hate msn too..''

Bioscience II test - 2ml
yes, 2ml!!!
but get used to it?!
It's time to study!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What A Nice Name!
The butterflies printed+ nice color combination (Yellow,orange,green,pink) on the keychain -
There's no reason for not loving it! =D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pharm B Volleyball (Girls' Team)

Here to lighten up your day,
cracker up your smile,
Give me a smile when ya reading! :-)
can you?

You guys played very well just now, seriously!
2 balls ain't strong to determine any Triumph!
Because 'You're the winner in my heart, and same to every of P108'
The endless efforts cant be said as wasted,
Don't put a full stop for the efforts!
Keep up 'Esprit de Corps' and come again for next year!
Practice makes perfect!

You guys ROCK!
Pharm B rocks!


8th of August, 2008.

A data collection day for Physiology Experiment.

Around 2pm, we started to run the experiment. hmm..Earlier than the time we supposed!

Before that, we gotten same Vege' dish from cafe for our lunch!
This was a great way to standardize our food intake!
After meal, we supposed to go CSU room for height + weight measurement.
Goodness, luckily we didn't get the measurement done.
Imagine how pressure would it be, if u step on the weighing scale just right after meal?!

Back to topic.
Our experiment was held somewhere near the emergency EXIT
why? Because.
We chose this exercise : Climbing staircase up-down
The duration of the entire experiment - 2 hours

Scroll down & Get to know my group members well :)

Introducing ...

The Measurer 1 :

Mr Sim Kun Yang
He is an experienced great measurer.
And, a respectable leader who takes a good lead.

Here comes another measurer:
He was doing his job conscientiously.
'DND' simply means DO NOT DISTURB

One of the group A members:

What are u looking at?
guess He was getting bored to wait for his turn.
Every member had approx. 20 mins rest after exercise.

Experiment 1 : free & easy backpack with no load
2nd : 1 book
3rd : 2 books
4th : 3 books
The load is increasing, we shall see how the load affects the measurement of Heart Rate , Mean Arteriole BP and Blood Pressure as well.

Yun Ping is in Group A.
Oh knw wat,
At this moment,
our supervisor - a faddy lady Mrs/Miss YPN came over to check on us!
And i guess this is the scenario where she was standing behind Mr.Sim silently.
Her existence in sudden was the factor tht lead to the abnormality of YunPing's heart rate measurement.

Hey, that's me!
My turn to be measured!

Yi Ping's turn! She is the next subject right after me!

Let's See what's going on with Group B ppl!
so far so good?!

Group B members from left : Dhivia, SookYee and Melk.
Melk helped JC to measure his because our group is lacking of one subject
(total subjects needed - 8).

Thus, Jc get himself involved as a subject too.

A mess can reveal the professionalism
Data sheets ( Excel work by mee), a mec.pencil, ID, calculator, pencil case, Sphymomanometer.

Failed to upload :
A picture of stethoscope and metronome.

This is basically how we arrange the tables and seats for measurer, subject and resting subjects!

While waiting our turn to be measured,
We were checking whther KunYang's 3.2mpixels phone functions well?
YiPing * w3ndee * YunPing

I'm glad and happy to be in the same group with all of 'em!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Finally, i can upload photos in blogger!
unbelievable ><'
wanted to upload many photos, but always FAILED!

Recently, Imu is vry happening with IMU CUP.
FYI, IMU cup is held once per year.

It's brilliant for Imu students who love sports load.
But for me? so so lo.
not much 2say bout it!
I'm not an athelete!
Nevertheless, I will get myself involved by just dropping by and support?
Wateva, it's better den doing nothing!


Shien Nee and I went to new court just to be part of the supporting Team? yes, for our PHARM B!
Pharm B is a combination of 3 diff batches, which consists of p108(mine), B105 & B108(new batch)
ok, it was BasketBall tournament : Pharm B Versus Pharm ? (idunno,sorry)
Basically, can be said as Pharmacy versus Medic students lah!
for what I knw, the opponent's team players most probably are fr M206?!

just to cut it short and make it simple,

at the beginning, they were leading.
uhh.. A bundle of nerves .
I mumbled : pls tell me Pharm B will win !!!

Pharm B didnt make us(supporters) down!!

THEY WON!! glory glory to PHARM B.

We sang our 'Pharma' song spiritedly!!! yuhhuuuuuuuuuu..
Natural smiles stamped on our faces!
We were Overjoyed.

smth kinda saddening happened during half of the match,
One of our pharm B player got himself injured!
i guess, he was getting himself too into the match,
He ran too fast to grab the 'blue'ball and accidentally knocked his head off at the pillar
A very loud impact sound can be heard!
aduh, can u feel his pain? :(
Onlookers were stunned for like few secs.
His forehead kept bleeding non-stop!
Out of nowhere, my frens and I heard these:
" Don't worry, most of us here are future doctors!He will be safe!''
'' It's under IMU territory(international Medical Uni), come-on future docs - play the role''
'' First Aid-Kit & First Aiders!!!''
'' I'm fr St.john club last time''

Haha, damn funny right!
He was sent to the nearest clinic in not more than 5mins time!
He must be safe, no worries!
btw, I saw his jersey printed with 2 letters - 'LX' ,
wads his name? i dunno .
He is a vry calm and steady guy !
why? under my observation, he can still walk vry stable and take his stuffs b4 heading to the clinic!!

View pictures below if u want to,

The onset of the match,
All in white - opponent's team!

All serious players! they were grabbing the ball!
The supporters! So into the match!
Pharm supporters were scattered everywhere! Real kan cheong!
My batchmates! We didnt manage to have a row of seats. Spread -Spread- Spread to cheer for Pharm B!

last but not least,

Back to announcement : PHARM B won!

what a proud! Keep it on!

got to go- Uni!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Well. Finally i can on9 whenever i wish to.
Internet access is available in my rented room!
But sad sial -i cant upload photos in blogger.
just dunno why, and this goonna drive me crazy!!

Back to this post - Hk trip part I

I'm currently in my uni Elab just to upload photos. so rajin!

X Captions, X Words
I'll get another part II done(into more detail) after i've got the photos from mua sis yah!
.,.,.,PICS below are transferred from k800i.,.,.,.

Upcoming post (partII) sooner

Stay tune.

signing off,