Monday, June 2, 2008

hi there,
2days ago. I went for the car test.Again, yupz.It's again
The 2nd try cos I failed the slope part for the First..
I went there early on 630am..
I waited dumb dumb till 12+pm..
My name was the last 6th to get called..
I waited till Im equally fed-up & sleepy.
Meybe the long wait made the panic/nervous wastotally vanished.
I straight away texted few frens after den.SMS's content - 'New Driver On The Road'
and, yesterday asked Dad go Jpj for getting it.

You're not blind ..haha.
I'm not intend to show off.
And, it's so nothing to show off with the laminate piece of tht paper!!
sumore, some of my frens are goonna remove THE P sticks on the car for almost 2yrs ady vry soon!
talking bout it...i love mine ''piece of paper'' .It is in orangecolor for new version of license..
My frens' one are blue in color?!
Be4 tht, many asked : When r u going to get a carLicense?
seriously, i jus hv NO time!
Blame my bday falls on so late month~~
AndNow i wanna revenge back jus for fun..
I've got mine!!
special message to victims : Efreet,Cherrie,ShinHui,Heng,Jayvian(thosenames i can think of rite nw) or whoelse havent,
Message : When's ur turn???

It's better to be late than nothing

Wow. Short in all - SEAFOOD. They look freaking good, dont they?
But,there's a townee who actually has BIG FEAR to them..

And, He needs this badly when Seafoods bite is moving tru his trachea.
Chup-Coka-Cola - The Best to cure his throat itchiness.
Do buy him a coke whenever that's the time to do so. xD
oyea, The clues gven so obvious to match a guy.
If u knw him, sure get who I mean.
If u dunno, u're doubtful.
And, I'm so nice to intro him to u.
Esp gurls nex door who are still Single & Avai.
Udang, i promote u tuuuu...
He is Low Mhui aka UDANG

FaceWarp app has worsen his ugly look! :)

Pic below is the best proof for the Tragedy happened.

The happened had get me to knw him better.

Exactly, it was the place. onset of it.

Into more detail, Asoon & I were in charge to take his dish of Dinner.

And, My Dunno & Soon's Forgetful had came up to serve him up with a mixture dish of evryting including Seafood.

He totally unaware of the Seafoods exist. He trusted Soon whole-heartedly meybe.

He started to eat not more den 4mins. He asked soon if he's mistaken and scoop him Seafood.

I was kinda blur tht time, & still like not-so-care

I said Seafoods baru nice ma?!

He rushed to get a Coke.

And, after den.. I was told tht He has allergic on seafood & coke to cure.

Hahas..Funny..But i remembered tht since the day.

Nah, after den. For every meal in Redang, he was more alert on the dish. hahahas..

My imagination - He was saying : ''Udang & shrimp are u all in my plate of meal! Pls tel me Not, & dont bring ur species here to intrude my nice mood for eating! Swt, i realli hv great imagination..

The origin idea to take pic below out fr him among 5 of us.

Still, 30% of failure.

Udang swims in shallow sea.. Eheh.Soon's camwhore skill not bad woh!

The Redang 3D 2N trip with 4 cool frens. Fr d left : wendy,cheryl,ming,mh,soon

-------------------End Of Redang------------------

Here comes Udang in Pangkor Island.

I think He dares sum1 to throw a dart as to test his/her skill.

Izit me? Or che/soon?

He is taking risk on his own! Only Mad does tht.!

Come evryone, take a group pic!! Cheese!!

Pangkor Trip - vacation to strengthen 'imissu' bonding jus like to stabilise/build up the pillar?


Hey, discover my creativity? Wendy's vry sumptuous masterpiece!!!
To udang: Dont evr try to start on a battle v me!

It is perfectly becos Kucing always be the winner!!!

Pic tells no Lies.!!!

Last but not least,

Back to main point of tis POST :

Happie Burfday to u-d-a-n-g,

Hv a great 19 for yr ahead!!!

Perhaps,We may celebrate meybe a Udang-like bday party for u when u're bak to Msia...

Dont get over-excited when u read tis post!!! But, i guess u will?!! lols..

I' jus get no idea why the post automatically double space up!!! I don like it!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dont scroll down..

1.3 Vs 3.2 MegaPixels
I bought a WebbieCam month ago.
Logitech brand and it costs me 80+
Actually, I din realli use it..
I jus dunno y i bought it~
for fun/camwhore/videocall/evry1 buys,so do I/the use to reduce sickness of missing me?
kidding lah..
sofar,i used it for only twice.no more den it
1st was testing..
2nd was forced by HER to do so^^

(Me) - har..Really wan camwhore meh? But i'm so ugliee nw v thedot of pimple
(Cheryl) - Yuplo.. Dont say No!!!
(Me) Yes mah yes lo
= )

WE took many many mannyyyy .. And Worse thing was, I needa sen all of them to her.I'm so LZ to sen ppl pics one!

I smile, but She did not!!! weird

This is so-Lesbian-act. No misunderstanding pls.XD

Close up to the Lips.. ><

I editted this only.. No time weh..
My sis is complaining tht she's hving prob to capture v her fon.
I HELPED her to remove the cover.
Cleaned the surface thick dusts stick on the lense.
Till Then....

She took this first shot after it.

I hate this. Myface looks so babyfat. So, I meng-ugly-kan it by adjusting the contrast to the max.

3/4 of muaface.

The Haggardness

I spent almost half day in Bitara 2day for my car test!!! Phew >< *NomoregoingtoBitara*

AND to conclude it, of cos 3.2 is much more better den 1.3 mpixels. LAME ,'')