Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy CNY'

my blog is so DEAD(ya i knw)!
and now i'm making it alive..
first of all,
Happy Chinese 'NIU' Year!
~gong heii fatt choi~
~ Huattttt leh...~
If youre asking me this : " Hows Cny so far"
its kinda bored to gv answers like 'okloh', 'great' and blaaaaS
So so so...
If U really wanna know..
omg. I know this pic might be a bit scary.
sorry to kickoff tis post v pic above.
BUT, I seriously like tis EDITED pic..;)
***** NEW YEAR EVE *****
Reunion dinner at Uncle NG's restaurant
just like previous few years, the reunion dinner was held in restaurant./
Dinner was pretty great.
Not much to say.
After dinner,
#1 - cousins were invited to my house to gamble
#2. - met up v iyens at baby YING's hse!
*****1st day of CNY*****

as usual,
the entire 6-membered family WOKE UP late.
LATE as in 11am+. woii.. of cos late if compared v other families.
My lovely warm family .
*lotsa love*
another family portrait.
taken by using my mini cute Tripod!

my pretty mummy in RED!

LETs See How 'Moneylistic' daddy's children are,

for the sake of getting RED packets..

my dad was distributing ang pow ..

Getting our angpow fr Daddy in sequence.
From elder sis to youngest bro.

my bro..

finally. its my turn
"gong xi fa cai to my dearest daddy''
'' love u''
and tis is my youngest cool brother...
mummy oso got ANG POW from daddy.
we opened her redpacket money and all of us like : " wowWWWWw..."
cos daddy only put 350bucks for each of us.
but i think, enough for me la..:)
poser . poser. poser
First visited house - aunty's hse!
camwhore a lil biit be4 going up!
3 of us..
so RED and so PINK.
my cute siblings//
from left: Andy, Patricia, Kelvin

my lil cool Andy.

this pic is a bit off to appear here.
just wanna express tht: my hair growth like terbantut tht.
I hate my airbetina hairstyle. hahaha
and this gal in d middle is my cousin oh!
3yrs older than me.
My granny's hse...
with my mini tripod,
I Snapped tis pic.
my gramma and her sister..
I cant make it to ZZHWDR's house.
After dinner v family.
I headed to baby efreet's hse to meet up v them..

gamble kings and queens , walao EH!
member saya semua boleh gamble dan minum belaka, kuat/..

I found a Bigposer next to me..
u're gonna observe it by urself!

oh-myloves, my darlings....

~the end~
to be continued.......
i'm going back kl vry soon..
like running out of time in kt.

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